UPDATEEEEE (getting mixes back yall!)

So yall,


we got some updates here for ya! So I recorded THREE songs. I have received the final mixes for two! They are sounding so good and it's making me so pumped for yall to hear them! I wish I could play them for you RIGHT NOWWWW!


I just need one song back from mixiing, and once that one is all finished we will send them all out to be mastered!


I also finished my photoshoot for the first of the three singles. I got the album artwork all done, so as soon as I get the songs back it'll be ready to get sent out to iTunes, Spotify, etc as soon as possible!


I'm going to attach a couple photos from the photoshoot. They arent the one I am using for the first single's artwork, but no one has seen these yet and I want yall to be the first!!


Thanks yall! Getting closer slowly but surely :)

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