So much fun in the studio this weekend!! Ahhhhh!

So, as I told you all... I recorded this weekend!!


It was so so so so so much funnnn! Yall... I think you are seriously going to love what we have done with these songs :) (At least I hope so hahaha)


There is still so much to be done on these songs.. but recording all the instruments and the vocals is TOTALLY done!! Frank (one of the producers of my songs) played literally every single instrument on these songs. He is absolutely amazing. I put together a tiny video of some random videos I took in the studio just to give you a vibe of what the studio looked like! It's one of my favorite studios in Nashville, mostly because it just seems like a super super old nice house.


Here's the video! And more info to come shortly :)


Love yall!

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  • Jeff Jackson

    Jeff Jackson

    Awesome!! Can't wait for the new songs, Megan!!

    Awesome!! Can't wait for the new songs, Megan!!

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