Hey yall!! As you may have seen I recorded vocals for the new single!! It was so much fun. I recorded them at couch room studios. Eric Torress was the engineer. He's also going to be recording BGVs and then will send me back the mix. I can't wait to hear!! But more importantly I can't wait for you all to hear!!

I also just got back from a meeting with some people about how to go about doing the release. We are currently planning photoshoots and how the album cover should look. We are also trying to come up with some fun things to do before the release...if yall have any ideas of fun things we could do ...Let me know!! Last time we did the #IMissChallenge. I know you don't know the name of the song yet, so it'll be hard to come up with a challenge idea.. but if yal have suggestions of Challenges or ways to release the title..you know I'd love to hear them! Yall always have the best ideas and I'd love to put some of them to good use.

As an update on the cover video I did was Brittany.. Acacia is still working on it for us. I have no clue how much longer it'll be..she ran into some issues and had some other things that had to come first. Don't worry! It's still coming though (: And knowing how talented Acacia is... I'm sure it'll be great!


Okay! I am booking a lot more out of town stuff. If you have any venues if your area that are set for acoustic style shows don't hesitate to send me their name and I'll try to book something in your area!!





Yall are the best. I am so excited to get this music out to you all. Sorry these posts are always just a long ramble from me. Hopefully you enjoy them anyways! haha.

Spread the word to help get more people in the hangout! I need all the help I can get on making this music the best it can be.


Megan Golden


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