Hey you guys!!


So obviously the last post I talked about how I recorded vocals for my new single. Welll....When we recorded it I was having another stint of my voice not being at 100%. I didnt think it was that bad so I went ahead and recorded them that day anyways. When I went to my producers house to listen to the vocal mix...I realized that my voice has progressed and healed so much since I first recorded those vocals and even though many of you may not have been able to tell a huge difference... I knew I couldve done a lot better. SOOOO. of course I re reocrded them! I want everything I put out to be the best it can be - partially because I am a perfectionist when it comes to my music, but also partially because yall deserve it to be the best it can be. I am so thankful for each of you because each of you have played a HUGE roll in me being able to create music. If you are in the golden squad hangout that means you contributed to my music financially. Without the funding I would NEVER be able to create any recorded music for you all. But each of you I know have contributed in so many ways other than financially. You all have shared my music, played it on spotify or apple music or youtube or wherever you listen. You've told people about me. You've sent me encouraging messages that have kept me creating music even on days I don't feel good enough to be doing it. I hope you guys know I will ALWAYS create the best music I know how to because that's what yall deserve!


SO i just wanted you all to have that little update. The background vocals have also been recorded. So now all that needs to be done is the track has to be finished (all the instrumentation), and then it needs to be mixed, and mastered!


I'm also working on getting the photoshoot scheduled so hopefully we'll have some pictures to pick from for the cover photo soon!!





P.S. In a couple hours I'm off to my very first vocal therapy session! Wish me luck and that they don't over correct it and make me sound like a super high pitched chipmunk.



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