First Real Update!

Hey yall! Since there are a couple of you all arriving here at the Golden Squad Hangout I thought I'd go ahead and post an update!!


So! Let's talk about the writing of this song, shall we? :)


I wrote this song along with Frank Legeay, Ryan Robinette, and Ty March. These guys are ALL incredible. Frank Legeay is going to be producing this song once we start getting all that rolling. Ryan actually may help produce it as well! We'll see! I'll keep you posted when we decide!

You've probably heard me talk a lot about Frank. He's produced all my music that I have up on itunes and spotify and all that. We also write "I Miss Missin' You" together.

You may not know about Ryan and Ty though, so I'll give you some background on both of them!

Ty is a country artist here in Nashville! He's killing it! He's got A LOT of streams on several of his songs on Spotify. His biggest song is Mr. Right Now, with over 500,000 streams. Yall should check it out! He also does a lot of writing with several different artist.

Ryan is also a country artist that lives here in Nashville. He's an amazing songwriter as well. He's got several songs out. His current single "Proof is on your lips" has over a million streams on spotify. He also has a song called "For Awhile" that has over 2 million streams.


I was super super super excited to get to write with these guys. They are incredible people, songwriters, and artists. I think you're really gonna like what we came up with for this song! I'll be giving you more details about it as time goes on.


OKAY! so! Before I go... one last thing! What do yall want to see happen in the Golden Squad?? I want to make this hangout worth your time and worth your help! So tell me what you wish I was posting about...or what would make you more excited to check updates!


Yall have a great day!! Don't forget to leave your comments in the guest book!!


-Megan Golden

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