BGVs are DONE! and some other random information if you're interested :)

Hey yall! This past weekend I got back into 4115 studios to record the back ground vocals for my new songs!! I got a guy named Thomas Daniel to do them. Yall.... he has the voice of an angel! He also does a lot of covers on spotify (that have MILLIONS of spins). Yall should check them out if you have a chance! Trust me it is beautiful to listen to. 
This means that all the parts that need to be recorded are officially DONEEEEEEE. All that's left now is gettting the songs mixed and mastered!! YAYYYYYYY. We are getting so close to having the finished product!


So.... Here's some other random information about my life that I just want to tell you all about! The weekend before last I made my trip up to indiana (you may have seen me post about it) and it was incredible. I got to play an 11 year olds surprise bday party!! I had met this little girl at one of my shows last summer and got to chat with her for a bit so it was so cool that her parents asked me to come play. She was SO cute when she saw I was there! Also...all her little friends asked me signed their paper plates and wanted me to write that my name was blueberry on them because of my hair hahahahha.


Also! I'm about to be joining an influencer team! I haven't really talked about it too much on social media or explained it but I have posted a lot of the stuff I've been doing with them. I'm really excited because I think it's gonna be a great way to build my social media and connect my music with more people! I'll keep yall updated as I get more information on all of this :)


As always i love you all and am so thankful for you :)


Have a lovely day and don't be afraid to send suggestions on things you want to see me posting here in the hangout!

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